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Marijo Alonso


His Workshop:

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Marijo Alonso began her dance training (releese, classic, contact-improvisation) and theater in 1996 coming from the field of gymnastics. Choreographer trained in the Theatre Institute of Barcelona, the Erasmus of Amsterdam Theater Scohool, also has a degree in classical languages and is currently engaged in practice, study and teaching of dance. -
Teaches beginners since 2008 in the International Dance Workshop Deltebre Roberto Olivan.
He has worked with Julyen Hamilton, Kristy Simson, Jan Leroix and David Zambrano, Bebeto Cidra, Pepe Hevia, Carlos Salas, Alexis Eupierre and Roberto Olivan.
How creative are interested into the roles in the contact and its limits, the dichotomy body / mind "We are body and nothing but the body...", the game, the fun aspect of life, the stage presence, dance as ritual. The magic of body-body limits.
"Temple customized Plastics" 2011
"Somebody to Love" 2010
"Pathos" 2010
"Godzila" 2009
"Wedding in the neighborhood" 2008
"Body and Memory" 2008 (video-dance)
"Effects" 2004





Roles - Attitudes and Positions

The workshop explores the possible roles that manifest in contact dance as in daily life and how they relate to possible roles in SM Play. The focus will be on attitudes and positions. Participants will be invited to improvise with dominant and submissive behaviour to find out what turns them on and how excitement can be related to a hierarchy. They will be offered an opportunity to carefully study different sides of their personality, to observe feelings and sensations and to define limits and borders.